Wildgrain Best Subscription Box 2023: Cost, Customization, and Review

Are you curious about the increasingly popular Wildgrain subscription box? This service brings a selection of newly-baked breads, fresh pasta and other baked goods right to your door. Our comprehensive review will help you understand it all.

We’ll delve into the cost associated with subscribing to Wildgrain, ensuring that you can determine whether it’s worth it for you. We’ll also explore what items are included in each mixed box and how customizable these boxes truly are.

Finally, we’ll discuss the baking process for Wildgrain products – from dry ice-packed delivery to oven-ready freshness. Stay tuned as we unravel all aspects of the Wildgrain experience.

1. What is the Wildgrain Subscription Box?

If you’re a fan of freshly-baked goods, then the this subscription box might just be your new BFF. This unique service delivers artisanal breads, pastas, and pastries right to your doorstep every month. Expertly packed in dry ice so it stays fresh.

The beauty of this subscription box lies in its commitment to quality and freshness. Each item in the box is baked fresh daily using only organic ingredients sourced from local farmers and suppliers. So not only do you get to enjoy delicious food items, but you also support sustainable farming practices.

A Taste of Artisan Baking at Home

No need for bakery trips or hours spent kneading dough – with this, you can have a taste of authentic artisan baking right at home. Whether it’s crusty sourdough bread or delicate croissants that melt in your mouth, each bite promises an unforgettable culinary experience. I absolutely love my box.

Ease and Convenience

But what truly sets this subscription box apart is its ease and convenience. No more last-minute grocery runs when you run out of bread or pasta – with Wildgrain’s reliable delivery service, restocking your pantry has never been easier. Meal planning just jumped up a notch.

2. How Much Does Wildgrain Cost?

The cost of a subscription plan varies depending on how often you want deliveries made – monthly subscriptions start as low as $89 per month individual add on items cost from $8 dollars on up depending on your choice. That sure beats shopping. Less stress remembering what to buy.

5. How Long Does it Take to Bake the Items in a Wildgrain Box?

Baking times vary depending on what’s inside each particular Wildgrain Box. However, typically speaking, most items take about 20 minutes to bake, which means they are always easy to prepare with your meals. Who doesn’t love easy?


The Wildgrain subscription box delivers fresh, artisanal breads, pastas, and pastries to your doorstep every month. The convenience of the service eliminates the need for last-minute grocery runs and allows you to enjoy high-quality baked goods made with organic ingredients.

How Much Does Wildgrain Cost?

If you’re considering Wildgrain, you may be asking yourself how much it costs – the answer depends on your chosen plan and added items. This luxury is totally worth the cost. I mean we are talking about bread here!

Affordability vs Quality

Is it worth the cost? Absolutely. Wildgrain delivers freshly-baked artisanal goodies made with organic ingredients right to your doorstep. It’s like having a bakery in your own home.

Savings Opportunities with Subscription Plans

By subscribing, you can save money compared to buying similar products individually. Plus, it helps you manage your grocery budget and meal planning since you know what’s coming each month. This also eliminates trips to the grocery store or bakery.

Finding Discounts & Promotions

They have a wonderful incentive to refer your friends that can lower the cost of your own box. Share the experience with a gift box for a friend. You can even buy yourself a gift box.

What’s Inside a Wildgrain Box?

When you subscribe to Wildgrain, get ready for a treasure chest of artisanal goodies delivered right to your doorstep. It’s like Christmas morning, but with delicious food. Items do change depending on the season and when certain ingredients are available.

Breads to Satisfy Your Carb Cravings

Each Wildgrain box comes with loaves of sourdough bread. Perfect for constructing sandwiches, slurping up soups, or just savoring all by itself. The bread types change monthly, so it’s always a surprise.

Handmade Pasta for Pasta Lovers

Get your pasta fix with packages of freshly-made, artisanal pasta. These noodles are far from average – they’re bursting with flavor and made using traditional methods. I love fresh pasta.

Mouthwatering Pastries for a Sweet Treat

Indulge in the heavenly pastries included in every Wildgrain shipment. From croissants to pain au chocolat, these treats will make your breakfast or snack time extra special. I absolutely love the fresh croissants.

All the items in your Wildgrain box are crafted from scratch using high-quality organic ingredients. Not only are they scrumptious, but they’re also good for you. I look forward to my box each month.

Sustainable Packaging for a Greener Planet

Wildgrain cares about the environment too. They package their goodies responsibly, using recyclable materials to ensure freshness while minimizing their impact on the planet. I think this is a wonderful wildgrain pro!

Remember, quantities may vary depending on your subscription plan. You can always add more fresh bread or fresh pasta to your box. For further info, their website has the answers to any queries you may have.

With Wildgrain, say goodbye to grocery store lines and hello to homemade-style meals without the hassle. It’s like having a personal chef, but without the hefty price tag. Everyone loves fresh bread from the oven!

4. How Customizable are Wildgrain Boxes?

Wildgrain has got you covered. Wildgrain’s subscription service allows for a customizable experience, giving you the ability to tailor your box by adding additional items according to your individual needs and preferences. The deserts are a special additional treat.

A Variety of Breads

You get a variety of Breads with each box – from different types of bread like sourdough, and multigrain; various kinds of pasta such as fettuccine, and an assortment of delicious pastries including croissants and pain au chocolat, and brownies. You can select what additional items go into your box based on your preference. Want something more, just add it to your box.

5. How Long Does it Take to Bake the Items in a Wildgrain Box?

Freshness is at the heart of everything WildGrains does. Each item included in a Wildgrain box is baked fresh using only organic ingredients sourced from local farmers who practice sustainable farming methods. The baking process for you typically takes 20 minutes depending upon the type and size of the product being baked, ensuring optimal flavor and texture every time.

Freshness Guaranteed.

What sets Wildgrain apart is their commitment to delivering freshly-baked items straight to your doorstep. No preservatives or artificial flavors, just wholesome goodness you can feel good about. The customer service they have is excellent.

Maintaining Quality During Transit

Wildgrain uses advanced packaging techniques and dry ice to preserve freshness and protect against damage during transit. Nobody likes stale bread. You also don’t need to be home when it’s delivered.

A Note About Baking Times

They strive to make the bake process a 15-20 min window, actual times may vary slightly due to factors like ingredient composition and oven temperatures. Always check the instructions provided with each product for best results. The instructions are super easy.


What is in a Wildgrain Box?

A typical Wildgrain box contains fresh pasta, bread, and pastries that are pre-baked and frozen for convenience. The beauty of this mixed box lies in its customizability – subscribers can choose from various types of breads, pastas, and desserts according to their preferences. How easy is that?

The Cost Factor: Is it Worth It?

The cost of a monthly Wildgrain subscription is $89. However, considering the high-quality ingredients used in making these products and the convenience they offer, many believe that subscribing to Wildgrain is worth every penny. I happen to be one of the many customers.

Baking Time & Storage Instructions

All items come with baking instructions; typically, it takes 15-30 minutes depending on the product type. As for storage, keep them refrigerated or freeze them immediately upon arrival as they are shipped using dry ice. I have personally never had an issue with a delivery.

User Reviews: What Do People Say About WildGrain?

A quick look at any online wildgrain review reveals satisfied customers who love both the taste and quality of these artisanal baked goods! Many have noted how easy it has been integrating the subscription into their meal plans as either main dishes or sides. Heck, I can eat just bread as a meal alone!

Suggested Pairings For Bread And Pasta:

  • Pasta pairs well with homemade sauces like marinara or alfredo sauce. It also pairs well with your favorite fish or meat.
  • Freshly baked sourdough bread goes great with soups or salads! I love dipping it in my soup.
  • The sourdough makes for an excellent panini or any other hors d’ouvre, sandwich. You name it, it just gets better.
Note from Elizabeth:

“I absolutely adore my monthly delivery from Wildgrain! Not only do I get delicious food but also find myself learning new recipes along the way.”

Discover the Benefits of Wildgrain Subscription Box

If you’re seeking a delightful culinary experience that combines convenience, quality, and variety, look no further than the Wildgrain subscription box. This review aims to provide an in-depth analysis of what makes these products stand out. I don’t think there are many bread subscription boxes that compare.

The Cost and Delivery Process

A typical box costs $79. However, considering the high-quality fresh bread, pasta, and pastries included in each mixed box – it’s worth every penny! Your order is shipped frozen with dry ice ensuring your items arrive fresh at your doorstep. The best part, they deliver across all 48 contiguous states!

Baking Made Easy

All items are easy to bake within minutes making them perfect even on busy days. Storing these goods is also simple as they remain fresh when kept in a freezer until ready to use.

User Testimonials: What Do People Say About It?

Critical acclaim from customers has been overwhelming with many praising its taste and freshness! Check out some reviews here.

Why I Love My WildGrain Subscription Box

Is Wildgrain worth it? I adore my subscription because it allows me to enjoy restaurant-grade meals right at home! Freshly baked loaves paired with soup make cozy dinners while their pasta serves as an excellent base when I want to experiment with sauces. As far as I am concerned there are no Wildgrain cons only Wildgrain pros!


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