All you need to know about getting a Tovala oven

Have you been thinking about an easy way to have a quick meal without ordering up on Door Dash, or going and getting some fast food?

A healthy meal can take a lot of time to whip up. A meal delivery kit can help you tackle this feat. Instead of planning, grocery shopping, and cooking a meal plan kit will help you get right to the cooking and eating. Anyone who is disabled often cooking is a huge hurtle. For some people being in the kitchen after a long day at work is just a huge chore so they order out or get fast food. These behaviors are not sustainable for many. This is why you should take a look at meal kits and Tovala.

Meal kits focus on eliminating the physical and mental aspects of cooking, making scrumptious meals available to everyone. Tovala’s app also includes the ability for the blind and people with low vision to use a the voice over feature. You can even ask Siri to cook one of 1,000 free recipes and brand name groceries from the vast data base and you will get a push notification on your phone when your food is done cooking. It’s that cool!

Dinner is cooking itself!

What is Tovala?

Tovala is a meal delivery kit and system that handles the cooking for you and prepares meals in 20 minutes or less. Its key feature is its Smart Oven, which cooks everything the meal kit delivers (except salads). Meals arrive fresh, not frozen, and ready to cook.

How does Tovala work?

You order your meals and they come delivered to you in a refrigerated cold box. The meals are ready to cook needing no chopping, mixing, or meal prep. To cook them, simply place them in the Smart Oven, scan the meal’s bar code, and let the oven cook the meal exactly as Tovala‘s chefs intended. If you live in the continental US, you can order anywhere between three and 16 meals a week, and have two choices (Monday or Wednesday) for your preferred delivery day.

How much Does Tovala Cost?

Meals generally start at $12.99. Some meals are priced higher or lower based on their ingredients, complexity to make, and packaging. The smallest meal plan offered is 4 meals weekly ($51.96 plus tax). Shipping is $5.99 for meal deliveries of 4, or 6 meals. Shipping is free for all the other meal plans, including deliveries of 8, 10, 12, or 16 meals.

What makes Tovala so unique?

This little oven is super flexible it can cook Tovala meals, and the Smart Oven is programmed to cook over 750 name-brand groceries, Pop-Tarts, or a Lean Cuisine, Trader Joe’s. To cook them, simply scan the barcode on the box. The Smart Oven makes cooking super simple and lets users mix Tovala meals with their own grocery store favorites. The Tovala social site has many videos demonstrating the ovens flexibility’s. From baking bread, steaming fish, eggs, baking a chicken and making desert. This little gem has you covered!

Who uses a Tovala?

The Tovala oven is an excellent tool for busy people. Too tired to cook? Don’t enjoy cooking? Want healthy food instead of fast food? Want to eat healthy?

Tovala meals will help you cook and eat with out having to prep, plan and fuss over cooking for yourself. All the difficult parts of cooking are covered for you. It’s minimal foot print, and multi use is a clutter clearing joy!

It’s so awesome that the service is inclusive to people with disabilities. It’s so helpful for the sight impaired or someone who cannot stand or have the dexterity to prepare food. Even senior citizens can benefit from this oven. This can be an excellent gift for someone you love. You can set them up with the Tovala oven and enjoy hearing about their newly found love of cooking!

I cooked this with my Tovala Oven!

Slow Cooker Barbecue Ribs

Let your slow cooker do all the work and come home to savory, fall apart ribs! These ribs get caramelized and only use 4 ingredients to make this delicious marinade for mouth watering ribs. Learn to make easy slow cooker barbecue ribs that fall off the bone and melt in your mouth.

Cook your ribs in your slow cooker

These ribs are super delicious and easy to make. I love making these slow cooked, savory, fall of the bone ribs any time of the year. Using my slow cooker makes this task even more simple. No need to go outside in the cold and wait for these ribs to get tenderized. The delicious smell your house will have from these tasty meat morsels is going to make you want to cook them more often.

We get our ribs from ButcherBox.com they are so tender and perfect for any occasion. I love that we can pull these baby back ribs right out of the freezer the night before to defrost and have a delicious rib dinner the next day!

To start making ribs normally you need to take the membrane off of the ribs. With this quick recipe there is no need to do that slippery task because the ribs will simply fall off the bones. To begin you just need some simple things. I always get my slow cooker out and I like to use slow cooker liners to make clean up easy.

Sauce ingredients:

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Photo by Alberta Studios on Pexels.com

Lay your ribs down on your work surface and rub all the wonderful spices into the meat. Using a high quality rub will ensure the taste goes deeply into the meat as it cooks. For easy clean up be sure to place a slow cooker liner in the pot. Next place your ribs standing one the bone edge with the fat side touching the slow cooker. The heat from the slow cooker comes from all sides. This will allow more surface area of the ribs to be in contact with he heat evenly. Then pour your favorite barbecue sauce onto the ribs leaving a little at the bottom to cook in. If the ribs fall over during the cooking process, don’t fret it just means they are cooking very well. As tempting as it may be to open the cooker leave it alone and do not raise the lid! It needs all the slow heat to cook. Lifting the lid will only make you wait longer for your yummy dish to finish.

Now that your ribs are cosy inside the slow cooker, plug it in and set it to cook slowly for at least 4-6 hours. After the ribs have cooked in your slow cooker gently place them onto a cookie sheet libarally brush some more barbecue sauce onto them. Heat your oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Place your sheet with ribs into the oven for a few minutes, keeping a very close eye on them it would be a heartbreaking shame if your ribs were to burn at this point. Wait for the sauces to caramelize and remove from the heat and serve. Enjoy!

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How to make an easy egg breakfast

How to eat a breakfast – One bite at a time

Did you ever wonder how to make an egg breakfast sandwich? Ponder and consider your favorite breakfast sandwich. What kind of bread do you love? Do you like meat, eggs, or cheese in it? What about mushrooms or onions? You could be craving a classic egg and cheese, or maybe you crave a skillet of vegetables without any egg and cheese at all. Either way you will need to eat in the morning, here are three tips to make any breakfast sandwich better.

Here is an easy breakfast tutorial !

Watch me make one!

1. Ingredients are important.

Nobody enjoys a sandwich with not flavor. An undressed sandwich is a boring sandwich. You want to sink your teeth in a breakfast sandwich that pleases all your senses. Spread on some smashed avocado, mustard, mayo, hot sauce, or pesto. This will ensure that the sandwich will stay together, and it gives layers of flavors to enjoy.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day!

James Caleb Jackson and John Harvey Kellogg

2. Imagine new possibilities with your breakfast sandwich. 

Classic bacon, egg, and cheese, is the standard go to in the wee hours of the morning. You are in control simply change up the ingredients and use your imagination to explore some new flavors. Try out some new breads, cheese, and fillings in your masterpiece. Don’t settle for plain toast. Whip it up like a grilled cheese or press it like a panini.

A perfect Breakfast Panini

3. To Toast or Press.

Having a good crunch is as important as flavor. Who would want to eat a bland, dull and boring sandwich? Not me! Go for the maximum crunch!

Toast the bread especially if your have soft, fluffy eggs, melty cheese, and a creamy spread. Crunchy bacon and vegetables are awesome, but crunchy, crusty bread is king. 

Pro tip: If you’re making an egg sandwich on a baguette or on a croissant, this is the time toasting isn’t your friend. For a croissant it can be hard to get into a standard toaster so slice it in half and toast it in the oven or toaster oven. When it comes to a baguette toasting can make quick work of shredding the roof of your mouth. Instead of toasting the baguette, use a panini press.

My. Favorite Panini Press from Amazon. Click the picture to get your own!

Decluttering your Laundry Room

Let’s face it. Sometimes the place we go to clean everything starts to go downhill! When did this happen? How does it go south so fast? I think many people are guilty of this and simply won’t confess it.

Laundry room with white washer and dryer

Clear the trash

Begin by examining your laundry, dryer, and workplace for anything that should be discarded. It’s incredible how many items never make it to the garbage bin. Broken hangers, empty detergent containers, expired and out-of-date laundry supplies and damaged laundry hampers should all be discarded or recycled. Now is an excellent opportunity to put a trash can in the laundry area for dryer lint, pocket trash, and empty containers if you don’t already have one. Dryer lint filters should be cleaned after each load to avoid fires and to help garments dry faster.

Declutter the space

On the dryer, why are there library books, gardening equipment, and basketballs? Unless your laundry room is a common facility, get rid of everything that shouldn’t be there. The real laundry work-space, even in a multipurpose room, should be kept clean of extraneous goods. This avoids dirty clean garments, cross-contamination of food and cleaning items, and frees up space for particular laundry duties such as sorting soiled and folding clean clothes.

Laundry products can be consolidated

Is it really necessary to have so many laundry products? Rather than using various specialty detergents, choose a single detergent that works effectively on all materials. To increase detergent cleaning performance and soften garments, try adding baking soda or distilled white vinegar in the washing machine instead of fabric softeners and dryer sheets. If you wish to put detergents and stain removers in beautiful containers, make sure each one is properly labeled.

Laundry Room Shelves with various products displayed

Create a line and folding space

Not every item should be thrown into a hot dryer. Find a location in your laundry room to set a freestanding drying rack or construct a wall-mounted drying rack instead of having clothing spread out waiting to dry. A wall-mounted retractable clothesline, which may be fully out of the way while not in use, could potentially be the solution. Look for a means to create a distinct folding space now that you have a place to dry your clothing. It might be a counter or a table. If you have a front-loading washer and dryer that don’t have storage pedestals, try adding a counter to the top to provide room for folding. Ironing can be done without using an ironing board since the folding area may be used for both. Consider a wall-mounted tiny ironing board as a space-saving option.


Create a place for everything

If you don’t have any cabinets near the washer, it’s worth your time to put in some sort of laundry product storage shelf or unit above it. If you have children, pets, or vulnerable individuals in the house, it’s especially crucial to keep cleaning supplies out of reach. Over-the-door shelving, wall baskets, an additional shelf or ledge over the back of the appliances, or a rolling cart put between the washer and dryer can all be used to enhance storage. For little goods like clothespins, scissors, and cleaning brushes, choose affordable containers like boxes or baskets.

As you empty pockets before dumping garments in the laundry, put anything that surfaces in a basket or glass jar. If something goes missing, your family will know what to check for. It could also be a good idea to set aside a basket for those lone socks or mittens until the mate arrives. Regularly empty the baskets and don’t look back!

Sort everything out

Purchase a dirty laundry hamper for each member of your family, as well as one for each linen closet or bathroom. Items may be hung or folded and placed in each basket as they are retrieved from the dryer or clothesline. Each family member can be in charge of returning their clean clothes and putting it away.

Vacation at Mariott’s Timber Lodge Lake Tahoe

In winter time Lake Tahoe becomes a snow lovers playground.

In October of 2021 my family was able to get a reservation at the Mariott’s Timber Lodge in Lake Tahoe. Boy what a treat that was! Visiting the lake in October brought us a sample of two very beautiful seasons. We had beautiful sunny days along with a light sample of winter with a dusting of snow.

Emerald Bay Lake Tahoe

We were delighted to see the first snow fall of 2021. It was brief yet still very magical. In October early snow falls can occur. These snow storms can be light or furious. This one stayed just a few hours and the snow melted off quickly. In winter time Lake Tahoe becomes a snow lovers playground. So many beautiful slopes to enjoy.


You really should visit this beautiful place in the fall because the temperatures are very friendly for hiking and site seeing. Frankly Lake Tahoe is beautiful in any season. The shimmering lake has so many activities such as e-bike rentals, ski rentals, hiking trails, sailing tours. The options are so vast you can return many times and still not get bored of this beautiful lake.


Click here to see what our room looked like

We stayed at the Mariott’s Timber Lodge and wow that was a treat. There were 4 people in our party. We reserved a one bedroom suite. There was plenty of room for everyone and a full kitchen for us to use. Not that you need to use the kitchen because there are so many delicious places to eat on the Mariott property and the surrounding lake areas.

Be sure to make time to drive around the lake to enjoy all of it’s beauty!

Once you get to the bottom of the trail there is a beautiful site to explore. Vikingsholm is a treasure and a must see on your bucket list. While you are in Lake Tahoe be sure to visit Vikingsholm Trail. It is a 1.7 mile  hike located near South Lake Tahoe featuring the lake and is rated as moderate hike. This trail is primarily used for hiking, walking, and rock climbing and is best used from April until November. Don’t miss this trail if you like hiking! If you have any health issues it’s best enjoyed from the vista areas above. To see this you can only hike in and out. There are no cars allowed in this park.

Vikingsholm is one of the finest examples of Scandinavian architecture in the western hemisphere.

We had a wonderful time at Lake Tahoe. I highly recommend going. The Mariott’s Timber lodge is truly one of the best places to stay when visiting. It is central to everything you could want to see and do.