Fall Fashions Unboxing REVEALED: What’s Inside the Drape Fit Subscription Box?


In this video above, I'm unboxing the Drape Fit clothing subscription box and revealing what's inside! Check out my Fashion show! the clothes are intended for fall use.

If you're looking for trendy and comfortable clothing, then you need to check out the Drape Fit clothing subscription box. This box includes clothing from different brands and styles, all of which are perfect for fall and winter!  See what's inside the Drape Fit clothing subscription box in this video, and don't miss out on your chance to get stylish and comfortable clothes at the same time!

A drape fit subscription box is a type of subscription service that provides customers with a selection of clothing items that are designed to fit and flatter their body shape. The clothing items are typically made from high-quality materials and are selected based on the customer's individual preferences and style.

The term “drape fit” refers to a type of clothing construction that is designed to drape and flow smoothly over the body, creating a flattering silhouette. Drape fit clothing is typically made from soft, lightweight materials that are comfortable to wear and move with the body.

A drape fit subscription box typically works by having customers fill out a style profile or quiz to provide information about their clothing preferences, size, and body shape. Based on this information, the company's stylists curate a selection of clothing items to be sent to the customer on a regular basis, such as monthly or quarterly. Customers can then try on the clothing items at home and decide which ones they want to keep and which ones they want to return.

The target audience for drape fit subscription boxes is typically women who value comfort and style in their clothing choices. Specifically, those who prefer clothing that has a relaxed fit and drapes comfortably on their body rather than being tight or form-fitting.

Drape fit subscription boxes may appeal to women who have busy lifestyles and prefer the convenience of having clothing items delivered to their doorstep on a regular basis, without having to spend time shopping in stores or online. Additionally, women who may have difficulty finding clothing that fits well in traditional stores may find value in the personalized sizing and styling options offered by a drape fit subscription service.

Overall, the target audience for drape fit subscription boxes are women who prioritize comfort and style in their clothing choices and value the convenience and personalization of a subscription service.

Recently Drape fit has expanded into Mens and Children's Fits. They also cater to Big&Tall, plus size fits, Women's Jeans and Women's Business Fits AND Maternity clothes.

As for pricing, you pay on what you spend in each clothing category. Your personal Stylist will send you outfits only within the price ranges you set. Each FIT Box has a $20 styling fees and you’re only billed for what you keep. It’s Free Shipping! Prepaid return envelope included. Try your apparels before you decide to keep them. Keep what you like and return what doesn’t FIT you. Their high-quality items range in price from $20 – $600, with an average cost of $55 per item. No matter what your budget is, with endless styles and more than 1,000 brands at their fingertips, they will always discover something special for you.

It's my fourth Drape Fit review and try on. The stylist is listening to my feedback and improving. I can't wait to try my next Drape Fit box!

This is what you get from a Drape Fit Box
– 5 curated items based on your profile.
– Your $20 styling fee is applied back towards anything you keep.
– Shipping both ways is free.
– You receive 25% off of your total when you keep all pieces.
– You can choose to receive Fit boxes monthly or quarterly or on demand.
If you are trying Drape Fit for the first time, here is my link

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