Decluttering your Laundry Room

Laundry room with white washer and dryer

Let’s face it. Sometimes the place we go to clean everything starts to go downhill! When did this happen? How does it go south so fast? I think many people are guilty of this and simply won’t confess it.

Laundry room with white washer and dryer

Clear the trash

Begin by examining your laundry, dryer, and workplace for anything that should be discarded. It’s incredible how many items never make it to the garbage bin. Broken hangers, empty detergent containers, expired and out-of-date laundry supplies and damaged laundry hampers should all be discarded or recycled. Now is an excellent opportunity to put a trash can in the laundry area for dryer lint, pocket trash, and empty containers if you don’t already have one. Dryer lint filters should be cleaned after each load to avoid fires and to help garments dry faster.

Declutter the space

On the dryer, why are there library books, gardening equipment, and basketballs? Unless your laundry room is a common facility, get rid of everything that shouldn’t be there. The real laundry work-space, even in a multipurpose room, should be kept clean of extraneous goods. This avoids dirty clean garments, cross-contamination of food and cleaning items, and frees up space for particular laundry duties such as sorting soiled and folding clean clothes.

Laundry products can be consolidated

Is it really necessary to have so many laundry products? Rather than using various specialty detergents, choose a single detergent that works effectively on all materials. To increase detergent cleaning performance and soften garments, try adding baking soda or distilled white vinegar in the washing machine instead of fabric softeners and dryer sheets. If you wish to put detergents and stain removers in beautiful containers, make sure each one is properly labeled.

Laundry Room Shelves with various products displayed

Create a line and folding space

Not every item should be thrown into a hot dryer. Find a location in your laundry room to set a freestanding drying rack or construct a wall-mounted drying rack instead of having clothing spread out waiting to dry. A wall-mounted retractable clothesline, which may be fully out of the way while not in use, could potentially be the solution. Look for a means to create a distinct folding space now that you have a place to dry your clothing. It might be a counter or a table. If you have a front-loading washer and dryer that don’t have storage pedestals, try adding a counter to the top to provide room for folding. Ironing can be done without using an ironing board since the folding area may be used for both. Consider a wall-mounted tiny ironing board as a space-saving option.


Create a place for everything

If you don’t have any cabinets near the washer, it’s worth your time to put in some sort of laundry product storage shelf or unit above it. If you have children, pets, or vulnerable individuals in the house, it’s especially crucial to keep cleaning supplies out of reach. Over-the-door shelving, wall baskets, an additional shelf or ledge over the back of the appliances, or a rolling cart put between the washer and dryer can all be used to enhance storage. For little goods like clothespins, scissors, and cleaning brushes, choose affordable containers like boxes or baskets.

As you empty pockets before dumping garments in the laundry, put anything that surfaces in a basket or glass jar. If something goes missing, your family will know what to check for. It could also be a good idea to set aside a basket for those lone socks or mittens until the mate arrives. Regularly empty the baskets and don’t look back!

Sort everything out

Purchase a dirty laundry hamper for each member of your family, as well as one for each linen closet or bathroom. Items may be hung or folded and placed in each basket as they are retrieved from the dryer or clothesline. Each family member can be in charge of returning their clean clothes and putting it away.

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