All you need to know about getting a Tovala oven

Have you been thinking about an easy way to have a quick meal without ordering up on Door Dash, or going and getting some fast food?

A healthy meal can take a lot of time to whip up. A meal delivery kit can help you tackle this feat. Instead of planning, grocery shopping, and cooking a meal plan kit will help you get right to the cooking and eating. Anyone who is disabled often cooking is a huge hurtle. For some people being in the kitchen after a long day at work is just a huge chore so they order out or get fast food. These behaviors are not sustainable for many. This is why you should take a look at meal kits and Tovala.

Meal kits focus on eliminating the physical and mental aspects of cooking, making scrumptious meals available to everyone. Tovala’s app also includes the ability for the blind and people with low vision to use a the voice over feature. You can even ask Siri to cook one of 1,000 free recipes and brand name groceries from the vast data base and you will get a push notification on your phone when your food is done cooking. It’s that cool!

Dinner is cooking itself!

What is Tovala?

Tovala is a meal delivery kit and system that handles the cooking for you and prepares meals in 20 minutes or less. Its key feature is its Smart Oven, which cooks everything the meal kit delivers (except salads). Meals arrive fresh, not frozen, and ready to cook.

How does Tovala work?

You order your meals and they come delivered to you in a refrigerated cold box. The meals are ready to cook needing no chopping, mixing, or meal prep. To cook them, simply place them in the Smart Oven, scan the meal’s bar code, and let the oven cook the meal exactly as Tovala‘s chefs intended. If you live in the continental US, you can order anywhere between three and 16 meals a week, and have two choices (Monday or Wednesday) for your preferred delivery day.

How much Does Tovala Cost?

Meals generally start at $12.99. Some meals are priced higher or lower based on their ingredients, complexity to make, and packaging. The smallest meal plan offered is 4 meals weekly ($51.96 plus tax). Shipping is $5.99 for meal deliveries of 4, or 6 meals. Shipping is free for all the other meal plans, including deliveries of 8, 10, 12, or 16 meals.

What makes Tovala so unique?

This little oven is super flexible it can cook Tovala meals, and the Smart Oven is programmed to cook over 750 name-brand groceries, Pop-Tarts, or a Lean Cuisine, Trader Joe’s. To cook them, simply scan the barcode on the box. The Smart Oven makes cooking super simple and lets users mix Tovala meals with their own grocery store favorites. The Tovala social site has many videos demonstrating the ovens flexibility’s. From baking bread, steaming fish, eggs, baking a chicken and making desert. This little gem has you covered!

Who uses a Tovala?

The Tovala oven is an excellent tool for busy people. Too tired to cook? Don’t enjoy cooking? Want healthy food instead of fast food? Want to eat healthy?

Tovala meals will help you cook and eat with out having to prep, plan and fuss over cooking for yourself. All the difficult parts of cooking are covered for you. It’s minimal foot print, and multi use is a clutter clearing joy!

It’s so awesome that the service is inclusive to people with disabilities. It’s so helpful for the sight impaired or someone who cannot stand or have the dexterity to prepare food. Even senior citizens can benefit from this oven. This can be an excellent gift for someone you love. You can set them up with the Tovala oven and enjoy hearing about their newly found love of cooking!

I cooked this with my Tovala Oven!

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